Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Cancun!

I was pleasantly surprised when I was waiting for a flight home out of Cancun last summer that there is now a Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in the Cancun airport across from the Bubba Gump shrimp company.  Yearning for a taste of home after two weeks of enjoying sun, surf, and mexican sand on the beached — Along with a lot of Montezuma’s revenge, I walked in and sat down at the bar for a hurricane before heading home.

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Seattle Airport Vintage Washington Wine Bar @ SEATAC

I was flying in and out of SEATAC a few months back to see one of my larger clients, and I’ve got to say that the Vintage Washington Wine Bar in the Seattle airport was a saving grace. After spending a week with a challenging client, and dealing with the horribly depressing weather in the Seattle area, I decided to pause here on my way out of town to get a few glasses of wine before boarding my aircraft.

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Vegas 2005, four friends take city by storm – a trip log!

So you were too cheap to buy a ticket, and yet you are chomping at the bit to know just exactly what happened in Vegas?  Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so here ya go:

July 4th Vegas Trip log 2005

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Vegas “Drunk Club” Summit 2006

[Note:  We never returned as a club after this trip.  We must have shaken the pillars of heaven too hard?]

(Myspace stripped my quotes and punctuation again — Sorry!)

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Excess! I want more of EVERYTHING! 2 Men Travel to Vegas, Win Money, Encounter Strippers, Hillarity Ensues!

On the last night of my Vegas trip, I found myself pissed drunk – yet wide awake, glancing at the time on my watch (6am) – and then back to the gorgeous brunette stripper  (Calico) who was riding me like Zorro in the VIP lounge at “Treasures”.  It’s times like these when I wonder if this is really my life?  She had just got done shoving my hand down the front of the thin lycra-spandex triangle, which was her panties – when I proclaimed, “Thanksgiving isn’t for another couple days…  Isn’t it too early for warm apple pie?”


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Fear And Loathing In The Hot Mexican Sun….

[I wrote this blog after my first trip ever to Cancun!  Needless to say I fell in love there, and with Cancun -- so I go back often!  Enjoy...]

Day 3 found me in the clutches of Lesbians, on the beach of Isla De Mujeres, across the ocean from Cancun – participating in a girl on girl wedding.  The sky opened up, and a monsoon rain poured down upon the Palapa that we were sheltered beneath.  Needless to say, we were getting a few strange looks from the locals on the island – but having taken advantage of the open bar early & often, I was clearly feeling no pain.  As I developed quite a taste for Tequila, the mariachi band just played louder to overcome the sound of the drenching downpour.

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To All The Airports I’ve Drank At This Year….

[I wrote this awhile back, before the idea ever entered my mind of starting a blog about drinking in airports!  I hope you enjoy it...]

Every night in the airport is a party.  Airport bars are my favorite.  Nervous travelers from all corners of the Earth work to suck down just one more cocktail before it’s time to board, new friends are made for a few minutes – and we try to remember the name of that great bartender we had, but it will soon be forgot.  No other place on the planet is it socially acceptable to show up at 8am, and begin drinking straight bourbon – but at the airport, no questions are asked and it’s assumed that you just arrived from somewhere where it was easily 5 O’Clock.

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Welcome to Airportbars.net — The web’s first site that is serious about airport bars and lounges!

Welcome to Airportbars.net — We are proud to announce the launch of our web site!  We are the webs first site that is serious about documenting bars and lounges in airports throughout the world.

As the owner of this web site, and a frequent flyer myself — It became clear to me in years past that there just wasn’t enough information available on the web about airport bars.  Sure you could find information about hotels nearby, and even restaurants, and sometimes shopping tips — But when you wanted to know which bar to hit while you had a 2 hour layover, the choices were very limited.

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