Welcome to Airportbars.net — The web’s first site that is serious about airport bars and lounges!


Welcome to Airportbars.net — We are proud to announce the launch of our web site!  We are the webs first site that is serious about documenting bars and lounges in airports throughout the world.

As the owner of this web site, and a frequent flyer myself — It became clear to me in years past that there just wasn’t enough information available on the web about airport bars.  Sure you could find information about hotels nearby, and even restaurants, and sometimes shopping tips — But when you wanted to know which bar to hit while you had a 2 hour layover, the choices were very limited.

The concept for this web site came to me while I was sitting in an airport bar in Victoria, British Columbia.  They actually have two airport bars, which is surprising because it is such a small airport.  I was sitting in the one outside of security enjoying a burger, and drinking a local Canadian draft beer while watching a sports game on the television nearby.  “I wonder if there is a bar beyond that security gate?”, I thought to myself as I contemplated when to make my move and actually leave my comfy spot at the bar.  I asked a couple of friendly wait staff for their tips, but both were new and neither of them had reliable information for me.

Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to head for security so I wouldn’t miss my flight.  After passing through what I considered to be a lax security check compared to US standards, I quickly found myself standing near the gates.  In Victoria, BC the gates are actually in a small rectangular area with windows on all four sides peering out onto the runway.  On one side you can see helicopters landing, from the helijet service that brings people over from Vancouver.  On the other side you can see tiny planes landing, which I can only assume must have just hopped over from Seattle or closer.  And on the third side you can see somewhat larger planes boarding, which are typically learjet sized craft that can fly you as far as San Francisco.

Low and behold as I was scanning the waiting area near the gate did I find the cutest little bar tucked up against one of the walls.  It was more of a bistro type setting with only a few seats, but there seemed to be a full bar set up behind the waiter, with several beer and wine offerings to boot.  “Jackpot!” I exclaimed to myself, as I took a hasty mental note to remember this place for the next time I flew to Victoria.  No longer will be I be trapped in front of security without a view of the runway.  No more, will I have to guess how long security will take to check me so that I can rush through to board my plane without sacrificing comfortable bar time.  I now know that there is a small bar behind the security checkpoint in Victoria British Columbia, and I want to share it with the world.

And that, my friends, is how this web site was born.  I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Wow, what a great site! I’ll look forward to reading more of your great works as you travel the globe in the name of bringing comfort to weary travelers like me!

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