Seattle Airport Vintage Washington Wine Bar @ SEATAC


I was flying in and out of SEATAC a few months back to see one of my larger clients, and I’ve got to say that the Vintage Washington Wine Bar in the Seattle airport was a saving grace. After spending a week with a challenging client, and dealing with the horribly depressing weather in the Seattle area, I decided to pause here on my way out of town to get a few glasses of wine before boarding my aircraft.

(A modern theme, makes for a very cool wine bar in the Seattle airport!)

Let’s face it folks, commercial air travel has steadily declined for the past 50 years.  Things seem to have gotten even worse since we started calling stewardesses “flight attendants”, but that’s a whole other argument for another day.  Anyway, drinking is about the only thing to look forward to when you are a frequent flyer these days.  Airport bartenders don’t question you when you roll in at 8am and order a martini.  They instinctively assume you must have flown in from somewhere where it’s much later, or maybe you just need a per-flight drink to relax enough to get on a plane.  There’s no judgement in airport bars, which is the beautiful thing.

Anyway, I stopped at the Vintage Washington Wine Bar in SEATAC, and had a very enjoyable time.  The bar was classy, with old school mahogany accents and a very clean look.  The menu contained several selections from the Columbia valley, which is the new up and coming wine region in the pacific northwest.  They even allowed me to buy some wine to bring on the plane with me, so I brought 6 bottles home in a handy 6-pack carry on container they were nice enough to supply.

The food selection was a little light, with just munchies and bites to eat, so I ordered a cheese plate and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine from the Columbia valley.  The cheese was delicious, and the atmosphere was very mellow.  I believe they had smooth jazz going in the background, and it was a nice quiet place to relax before going to my gate.  Before I knew it, I was feeling totally relaxed and comfortable numb!

I’ll definitely make the Vintage Washington Wine Bar in the Seattle airport a regular stop when I cruise through town from now on.  Someone told me these might be a franchise, and I believe I saw one in Sacramento, and some other locations recently.  If so, I sure hope these catch on — because besides the ritzy members-only airport lounges, these are some of the only types of airport lounges I really enjoy frequenting.  There is just something about a nice upscale experience where you aren’t forced to choose between a wine list that only has “red” or “white” to pick from.

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